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Master of Arts


Human Services

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Diane Nelson

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Nick Francis


The role of a guardian ad litem is at the forefront when acknowledging the significance of the role in its entirety when considering the safety and wellbeing of a child who is a victim of abuse or neglect. Also focusing on the supportive topics including adequate training, effective communication, and safety is equally important when discussing the role of a guardian ad litem. Furthermore, being able to acknowledge the role of a guardian ad litem is extremely helpful when remembering how vital they are to the future of a child, specifically when involved in child protective services or family law. Not only does the role of a guardian ad litem help the victims involved but can also be considered a rehabilitative measure for those involved in a child protective case. Society needs to continue to reflect on the importance of a guardian ad litem and understand how significant the role is, especially when it comes to a child’s life. A child’s life is precious and protecting those who are most vulnerable is incredibly meaningful and is something that should never go unnoticed.

The role of a guardian ad litem is to protect the most vulnerable while fulfilling specific responsibilities as required by the role itself and the state. Being able to fulfill the responsibility of the role is a daunting task; however, individuals who do can truly have influence in our society and our world.