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The purpose of this paper is to explore the rising rates of law enforcement suicides and how departments are trying to curtail those numbers with department wellness programs. The research will explore the emotional survival of those who work in law enforcement. It is a topic that is at the forefront in the profession. This will be an overview of how organizations are trying to help their employees with their mental and physical health. It is known in the corporate world that having healthy and happy employees leads to a better working environment and more productivity. The information in this research will explore how to implement a wellness program and some of the obstacles that may hinder a program being developed. There are ramifications for departments that do not have programs in place to offer support to their employees. The issues arising from not putting resources back into the work force will be discussed. This paper will also look at ethical issues and changes when trying to implement a policy at a police department. This section will address any ethical concerns while writing on this topic. This paper will explore action plans that have been implemented to ensure ethical expectations and behaviors in others as a formal leader within an organization.