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Master of Arts


Human Services

First Advisor

Diane Nelson


The purpose of this project is to bring awareness to the silent victims associated with parental incarceration – their children. Throughout this project, the focus will be aimed towards promoting the education of the effects of parental incarceration and the impact it has on their children in a variety of compacities and how those settings influence incarceration amongst children of incarcerated parents. In addition, this paper will discuss parental incarceration in three different lens views: administrative, ethical, and legal. First, the administrative lens pertaining to leadership and evolution to successful leadership, especially the critical component of crisis communication strategy. Second, the importance of ethical principles and the application of principles within the correctional facilities and how the ethical framework contained in the Stewardship Principles of Ethics will apply within the correctional facility setting within the correlation between incarcerated individuals and the likelihood for their children to become offenders. Third, the legal lens pertaining to cognitive-behavioral interventions amongst offenders and the promotion of understanding this link as it relates to offenders, which agencies work with. Lastly, the discussion of personal philosophy about life as it relates to the influence of incarcerated parents and the likelihood of their children becoming incarcerated. Many of the values that factor into my personal philosophy stem from personal experience from this topic.

Keywords: Parental, incarceration, children, administrative, ethical, legal, legislative, leadership, cognitive, behavioral