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Conor Shea


Law enforcement is trained to handle any and every situation they may encounter when patrolling the streets. From civil cases, domestic, de-escalation, going hands-on with subjects, to having individuals at gunpoint. Law enforcement is in an occupation that can go from 0-100mph in a matter of seconds. With all the training that can make the outcomes more desirable, one aspect has been on the afterburner that is almost as important as other training. With the staggering statistic regarding law enforcement officers committing suicide, it would make sense that law enforcement should be given more training on coping abilities and even understanding what causes stress. Understanding that suicide does not come into one’s mind out of the blue. It is through chronic stress when dealing with high stressful calls. They also have poor coping abilities that can lead to more problems in their personal lives by financial, relationships, and even drug/alcohol usage. Law enforcement are seen to be individuals with strong-willed personalities who show no fear. This paper will cover some stress causations, posttraumatic stress disorder, suicide history in law enforcement, even coping abilities that law enforcement can use to reduce the stress, and the results of implementing a personal wellness program in an agency.