Faculty Mentor

Dr. Kim Flottemesch


With the use of internet growing, online dating applications are becoming more relevant in today’s society. With the ever-evolving technology of today’s world, there is still much to be researched and learned. Due to the connectedness of the world shifting from face to face communication to technology based communication, the online dating world is growing rapidly. Online dating has become prevalent in today’s society as a means to meet others. Online dating applications allow users to share information and describe themselves and to be able to choose who they want to pursue as a romantic partner based on the information shared.

This study focused on online dating, particularly on the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of an online dating profile. Various levels of self-presentation and self-disclosure were used to examine how they impacted people’s favorability to certain online dating profiles. Self-presentation focused on profile pictures and how participants convey themselves and the deception of online dating. Self-disclosure focused on how positively or negatively the amount of disclosure or lack thereof can affect the dating profile. The study focused on the dating profile itself and what content the user decides to share.



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