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Placentophagy is the consumption of the placenta after childbirth. While not every woman participates in placentophagy, there has been a notable increase of the practice. Many reasons exist in why woman partake in placentophagy. The most notable reasons for the growth, is the claimed increased breast milk production and the potential for reducing the effects of post-partum depression. Even though a woman might choose to partake in placentophagy, she might be met with law, or the lack thereof, that restricts her access to her placenta. Due to the increased requests for the placenta it has highlighted that a woman’s right to her placenta is undefined, except in three states. This Article examines the history of placentophagy, benefits of the practice, existing property rights regarding excised tissue and the regulations surrounding these rights, ultimately ending with a solution to the issue: limited property rights should be awarded to women who would like to take possession of their placentas after childbirth.