Date of Award


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Master of Arts in Education




Early Childhood Education

Capstone Instructor

Dr. Kelly Sadlovsky

Second Reader

Elizabeth Amirahmadi


Child Protection Services, child maltreatment, abuse, intervention methods


Millions of children are reported to Child Protective Services every year, and the services those children receive differ greatly between each state depending on the laws and regulations set in place and what community programs may or may not exist to support them. Research about what factors influence child abuse occurrences and which services best meet the needs of at-risk families is vital to determine the best ways to provide support for families reported for cases of abuse or neglect (Palmer, Maiter, & Manji, 2006; Solomon & Asber, 2012). A review of literature on this topic concluded that currently, Child Protective Services offices throughout the United States vary greatly in the effectiveness and consistency of support services. More funding to support necessary services that meet the actual and not perceived needs of families is needed to aid in reducing the number of cases reported (Maguire-Jack & Bowers, 2014). Suggestions for future studies to continue studying effective intervention methods are also addressed in this paper.