Richard Kimlinger

Richard Kimlinger


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Richard Kimlinger


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Baby Boom Generation (1946-1964)


East Side

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Oral History

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East Side, Saint Paul, 1958


Oral History | Psychology


BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Richard William Kimlinger is a Caucasian male born on July 11th, 1958. He grew up in the Arcade-Phalen neighborhood on the east side of Saint Paul. He lived with his two sisters and four brothers. His father worked in manufacturing at Seeger's, which later became Whirlpool. His mother was a stay-at-home mother, but occasionally would take day-work as a maid. Their family grew up Catholic. SUBJECTS DISCUSSED: Kimlinger shares his memories of his family. He talks about being the youngest of seven children in the house. He talks about his parents moving from the farm to the cities. He shares stories about his father passing up the chance to buy the house and a story of his mother during the Armistice Day Snowstorm in 1940. He goes more into details about growing up as the youngest. He talks about the meaning his mother took from taking care of her family. Next Kimlinger shares his and his family's perspective on money. His father's job afforded them a comfortable life, not affluent but also not in need. He spoke on his mother's philosophy on wealth of family ties beyond material things. In speaking about his religious upbringing, Kimlinger describes a devout Catholic life, attending Mass regularly and receiving education in Catholic schools from grade school to college. In reflecting on the impact of religion as an adult Kimlinger talks about some of the difficulty coming from the scandals of the Catholic church over the years but talks about his and his wife's faith in God remaining steadfast, and how it influences their life and values. Kimlinger goes on to share neighborhood memories. He reminisced about a time when unsupervised play was the norm, with children gathering for unstructured outdoor games. He talked about a construction site that the kids would use as a playground and the games they would invent. Kimlinger talks about his schooling experience. He talks about walking to school every day, and shares a story of a time where he helped a man get his car out of a rut. He talks about his siblings all excelling in school. Lastly, Kimlinger reflects on significant local and global issues during his upbringing. He talks about being informed from the newspaper, the assassination of John F. Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald, the 1968 presidential election, and Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination.

Richard Kimlinger



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