Fred (Fritz) Schreiber

Fred (Fritz) Schreiber


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Fred (Fritz) Schreiber


Cole Steinberg


Landmark Associates


Silent Generation (1928-1945)


Summit-University (Old Rondo)

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Oral History

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Summit-University (Old Rondo), Saint Paul, 1926


Oral History | Psychology


BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Fred (Fritz) Schreiber is a Caucasian male born on August 7, 1926, at Summit University (Old Rondo). He is the youngest of five kids raised by his father and his maternal grandma after his mother passed away when he was four. His dad worked at Minnesota Mine, American Hoist, and Derrick. Schreiber was raised Lutheran as a way to connect to his mother. SUBJECTS DISCUSSED: He begins his interview by explaining his living arrangement with his family. Nine people lived in one household but recalled it was a great time regardless of the number of family members under one roof. Schreiber mentions that most of his neighbors growing up were African-American, which created no conflict for the other neighbors. Leisure time happened when his father was not working on Sundays. These activities included going to Como Zoo, visiting relatives in Carver, and pheasant hunting. Sundays were reserved for family time. When asked about local and global issues impacting him during his childhood years, Schreiber recalls discussions about Hitler and World War II. Next, he details his time in the military while he was stationed in Okinawa after the war. He lived through the biggest typhoon to have hit the island. In the second part of the interview, Schreiber describes more issues that arose in his neighborhood or lack thereof. He recalls having black classmates mixed in with his primarily white class but does not remember any discrimination happening. He describes the difference between being integrated with other people of color in his school and neighborhood and being segregated once he joined the military. Schreiber then talks about the time he gave a blood transfusion on a cot to a black man during his service. He concludes his interview by describing a parade at his school.

Fred (Fritz) Schreiber



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