Roxanne Beyer

Roxanne Beyer


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Roxanne Beyer


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Baby Boom Generation (1946-1964)


North End

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Oral History

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North End, Saint Paul, 1953


Oral History | Psychology


BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Roxanne Beyer is a Caucasian female born on November 16th, 1953. She lived with her three older brothers and parents in the North End neighborhood in Saint Paul growing up. Beyer's father worked for the Great Northern Pacific Railroad, and her mother was primarily a stay-at-home mom but helped deliver newspapers. She identifies as agnostic. SUBJECTS DISCUSSED: Beyer shares her memories of her family life. She talks about being the youngest of four kids. She talks about the different dynamics experienced by the older children in the family compared to how the youngest two were raised. She talks about the German Shepherd that she took when she went out. She also shares a few stories about the paper route that everyone in their family was a part of. Next Beyer shares her history with Catholic school and the issues she had with it. She talks about her parents' relationships with religion and reflects on her beliefs. Beyer reflects on the neighborhood in which she grew up. She describes the rural nature of the city at the time and compares it to the city nowadays. She talks about everyone having trust in one another. With kids playing in fields, making bonfires, and sharing spooky stories. Leisurely activities also included raiding apple trees, picking wild asparagus, and rhubarb, and the neighborhood children often gathered for bonfires. In talking about her schooling Beyer talks about some issues she had with Catholic school, not being a good student and comparing herself to others. She talks about friendships that she has maintained from that time. Lastly, talking about local and global issues, she talks about fallout shelters, sonic booms, an incident during the Winter Carnival, and shares a story of middle school fashion trends.

Roxanne Beyer



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