Gregory Sanchez

Gregory Sanchez


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Gregory Sanchez


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East Side

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Oral History

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East Side, Saint Paul, 1949


Oral History | Psychology


BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Gregory Sanchez is a Hispanic-White male born on April 7, 1949. Sanchez grew up in the Bluff area of East Side Saint Paul with his parents and three brothers. His father worked two jobs while his mother worked part-time as a waitress. Sanchez was raised Catholic but has distanced himself from religion now as an adult. SUBJECTS DISCUSSED: Sanchez begins his interview by explaining his living situation. The neighborhood was described as blue-collar. He played football and hockey in school, and his next-door neighbor were the parents of Chief Justice Warren Burger. He fondly remembers his boxer, Bonnie. Next, he explained how his family's economic status taught him to have a good work ethic. His parents worked long hours to enroll the three kids in Catholic school. Sanchez worked as a caddy and became a dishwasher for a post office during high school to make extra money. His family would go on camping trips around Minnesota as family vacations. Sanchez concludes his interview by listing several global and local issues. Those issues included duck-and-cover drills, needing to carry a student with polio out of a building during fire drills, Kennedy's assassination, and riots during the assassinations of JFK and Martin Luther King Jr.

Gregory Sanchez



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