Kathryn Glynn

Kathryn Glynn


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Kathryn Glynn


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Baby Boom Generation (1946-1964)


Highland Park

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Oral History

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Highland Park, Saint Paul, 1954


Oral History | Psychology


BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Kathryn Glynn is a white female born on June 5, 1954. She lived with both her parents and five siblings in the Highland Park neighborhood of Saint Paul. Her father was a manufacturer’s representative, and her mother primarily stayed at home until later working part-time in a gift shop. Glynn grew up Catholic. SUBJECTS DISCUSSED: Glynn shares her family make up. She talks about the extended family that lives close by growing up. She mentions the active lifestyle of her family and the sports her brothers were involved in. She shares a fond memory of her grandfather at their lake house. Glynn speaks about her parents' work and the comfortable life her father was able to provide. She talks about how her upbringing instilled a frugal spending habit, making her think carefully before making significant purchases. Glynn shares how religion played a crucial role in family life. They were devout Catholics and followed the religious practices of attending mass every Sunday and observing holy days. Glynn expresses how God remains an important part of her life. She describes the two houses that her family lived in. Glynn touches on the values instilled by her parents: being respectful, honesty, and loyalty. She mentions lifelong friends her parents made. Glynn shares some of the outdoor activities done as kids such as picnics, bike riding, and ice skating. She goes on to mention the places they traveled to for family vacations. Lastly, when touching on local and global issues, Glynn mentions that there wasn’t much political conversation around the dinner table. She does mention the Vietnam War, John F. Kennedy assassination as standout moments she remembers.

Kathryn Glynn



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