Allyson Smeed

Allyson Smeed


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Allyson Smeed


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Generation X (1965-1980)


East Side

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Oral History

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East Side, Saint Paul, 1980


Oral History | Psychology


BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Allyson Smeed is a Caucasian female born on July 11, 1980. She grew up in the East Side neighborhood of Payne-Phalen before moving to Cottage Grove at nine. Currently, she resides in Arizona. Smeed was raised by her two parents. Her father was a plumbing salesman, and her mother worked in retail, admissions for St. Joseph's Hospital, and was the marketing director of a material company. She has two younger sisters. Smeed was raised Catholic. SUBJECTS DISCUSSED: Smeed begins her interview by stating that her family is tight-knit. Her grandparents were also heavily involved in her childhood. She mentions how her parents could buy a home, car, food for a family of five, and clothing for all the kids on one salary, but her parents struggled to maintain that as prices rose. Smeed briefly mentions her ADHD diagnosis and how it has impacted her spending habits, along with her parents' mindset around money growing up. Next, she described the two neighborhoods she grew up in. Payne-Phalen was about spending time with friends outside and going to the library. The Cottage Grove neighborhood had a mix of playing inside and outside and many pool parties. Smeed recalls going to school and pretending not to know the answers to avoid being seen as the smart kid from a young age. She concludes her interview by discussing world events that she remembers, such as the Challenger Shuttle explosion, the Exxon Valdez oil spill, and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Allyson Smeed



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