Jean Moberg

Jean Moberg


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Jean Moberg


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Baby Boom Generation (1946-1964)


Highland Park

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Oral History

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Highland Park, Saint Paul, 1957


Oral History | Psychology


BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Jean Moberg is a white female born on July 18, 1957. She lived with her father, mother, and three brothers in Highland Park. Her father worked as a payroll accountant for Northern States Power Company, while her mother was a stay-at-home mother. She was raised Catholic. SUBJECTS DISCUSSED: Moberg describes her family make-up. She talks about being the oldest and only daughter, the roles her parents had in the house, and their cat Charlie and how her father was talking into buying him. Moberg describes her family’s economic situation growing up. She discusses some financial strain due to her frequent hospitalizations as a sick child. Her family's financial circumstances had a lasting impact on her spending habits. She was taught not to exceed her earnings and to be careful with her money. Her father, being an accountant, emphasized keeping a balanced checkbook. Moberg talks about her religious upbringing, attending Catholic church and school while her father went to the Lutheran church. Moberg explains her views as an adult who no longer actively practices the religion but maintains some spiritual beliefs. She acknowledges that certain aspects of the Catholic Church don't align with her views, particularly regarding women's treatment. Moberg explains that her religious upbringing instilled values of giving back and volunteering, which has influenced her adult life, leading them to contribute to social and educational causes. Moberg reflects on her childhood neighborhood, which had predominantly young families with many boys and fewer girls. She talked about engaging in outdoor activities like playing kickball and riding bikes. She describes the close-knit community where parents looked out for one another's children. She talks about how safe she felt in the neighborhood because of a network that the mother’s had to keep track of everyone. Moberg talks about how the values of respect were emphasized, as children were taught to address adults with proper titles. The community shared common values, including looking out for each other and collectively raising the children. In talking about leisure time, Moberg describes the board games they used to play as a family, family camping trips they would take, and hangout spots with her friends. Moberg recounts some of the difficulties she had at school because of her frequent illnesses as a child. Lastly, in talking about local and global issues, Moberg mentions how missile threats were a pervasive concern, the assassination of President Kennedy, and news coverage of the Vietnam War.

Jean Moberg



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