Beth Peter

Beth Peter


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Beth Peter


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Generation X (1965-1980)


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Oral History

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Roseville, Saint Paul, 1966


Oral History | Psychology


BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Beth Peter is a female Caucasian born on January 17th, 1966. She lived with her five siblings in Roseville growing up. Peter's father worked at Concordia University, and her mother was a homemaker who also taught piano. Her religious affiliation is Lutheran. SUBJECTS DISCUSSED: Peter shares what her life was like growing up with five siblings close in age. She talks about her dad’s work and mom’s piano lessons. Peter shares what it was like being raised in a Lutheran family. She talked about attending church regularly and participating in religious activities. Beth's mother was the church organist, and their family valued attending church services together. She talks about how religion is still an ingrained part of her life. She goes on to talk about the neighbors and neighborhood she grew up in. She shares that had close friendships with neighbors and spent time playing games, swinging, and enjoying outdoor activities. She expresses the neighborhood was stable, and Peter's family knew most of their neighbors. She shares the values held by her family including honesty, kindness, and friendliness. She goes on to talk about being engaged in various leisure activities, including playing house, playing school, biking, and enjoying swing sets with friends in her neighborhood. Next, Peter talks about her experience with schooling. She talks about initially attending private school and transitioning to public school. Lastly, when speaking on local and global issues, Peter mentions growing up sheltered, but she recalls global events like the Vietnam War and Watergate. Her family and neighborhood focused more on their immediate lives, school, and church, rather than discussing broader social and global issues.

Beth Peter



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