Cheryl Hernandez

Cheryl Hernandez


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Cheryl Hernandez


Cole Steinberg


Landmark Associates


Baby Boom Generation (1946-1964)



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Oral History

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Midway, Saint Paul, 1958


Oral History | Psychology


BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Cheryl Hernandez is a white female born on April 14, 1958. Hernandez grew up with her father, mother, and six siblings in Saint Paul. Hernandez was raised Catholic. SUBJECTS DISCUSSED: Hernandez speaks about the two childhoods that she had. The first includes grocery shopping, going to the lake, and visiting the zoo with her father. The other changed after her father passed away. Hernandez talks about how she was close with her sister and how they would take care of her brothers. She describes chaotic mealtimes in her household. Hernandez explains that after her father passed away, the family relied on public assistance for support, and they had to be frugal with their spending. She goes on to reflect how that experience shaped her spending habits to be very cautious and live within their means. Hernandez goes on to talk about her Catholic upbringing and how she is not actively practicing as an adult, but still has faith in God. Hernandez describes growing up in a close-knit, safe neighborhood with strong community values. She explains that everyone knew each other, respected, and helped one another and how that helped a happy and supportive environment. Hernandez shared what her and her family would do for leisure time, recounting time spent at the lake, visiting the zoo, local pools, and playgrounds during the summers, and attending the state fair. Hernandez shares what it was like to attend Catholic school. She mentions an art teacher that had an impact on her. Lastly, Hernandez discussed global events such as the Kennedy assassination and the Vietnam War, which had a profound impact on people and made them glued to their TVs. Locally, Hernandez talks about the disruption caused by Highway 94.

Cheryl Hernandez



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