Angie Devaney

Angie Devaney


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Angie Devaney


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Generation X (1965-1980)



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Oral History

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Frogtown, Saint Paul, 1968


Oral History | Psychology


BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Angela Devaney is a Caucasian female born on February 25, 1968. She is the youngest of four children. Her mother worked as a cue puncher for a railroad, and her father had various jobs: including being a mover and a grounds mechanic. She grew up Catholic. SUBJECTS DISCUSSED: Devaney starts by sharing some of her memories with her extended memory, such as large family gatherings and get-togethers. She mentions how she had a dog named Sparky. She briefly goes on about how she felt like a maid in her family because her older brothers didn't have household responsibilities, and since her mother suffered from anxiety and depression, Devaney fell into the mom role. She goes on to describe her family's economic status and her parent's jobs, stating how they had enough money for the family, but that money was always a topic of anxiety. She talks about her experience with Catholicism, and how she felt that it wasn't a kind religion because it seemed punishment-based. Devaney shares that there was an unspoken rule in her family about not dating outside of her race. She describes what her neighborhood looked like when she grew up, mentioning how it was a lot of fun, and how she was able to play with other kids in the community. She goes on to say how her neighborhood felt safe until she was about 8 years old, mentioning how some of her friends got into prostitution or drugs. She briefly talks about how her dad built a house, and how long that took. She mentions how leisure time consisted of playing on the playground, and how they would play around the capital, and they would watch from the balcony: she also talks about how they she could get a good meal from White Castle with one dollar, as well as having fun at the science museum. Devaney talks about how school was a very safe place for her because of the structure, and how it provided her with involvement and a love for furthering her education: stating how she was the first in the family to go to college and how she was always hungry for knowledge. She ends the interview by describing the local issues affecting the neighborhood, such as lack of food and abuse in the home.

Angie Devaney



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