Julie Luker

Julie Luker


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Julie Luker


Cole Steinberg


Landmark Associates


Generation X (1965-1980)


Multiple Saint Paul

Document Type

Oral History

Date of Interview



Multiple Saint Paul, Hamline Snelling, Roseville, Saint Paul, 1977


Oral History | Psychology


BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Julie Luker is a white female born on September 2, 1977. She lived with her mother and half-brother in Saint Paul. She later lived with her dad, stepmom, stepsister, and half-sister. Luker was raised Lutheran. Her father worked in sales and her mother worked as a legal secretary for the State of Minnesota. SUBJECTS DISCUSSED: Luker describes her family life, immediate and extended. She talks about living with her parents and half-brother. She talks about her blended family structure after her father remarried. She talks about the close relationship with her grandma on her mom's side, who took care of them a lot due to her mother's illness. On her dad's side, Luker talks about her grandma and grandpa who lived nearby, and the times she enjoyed with them. She also talks about other meaningful connections in her life. Luker talks about how close she and her mother were. She talks about the health issues her mother had and her passing. She felt a strong desire to be with and care for her mother, often sacrificing time with others to support her. Luker talks about her relationship with her dad and how he remained involved in her life and created fond memories during visits. Luker talks about the pets she had growing up. She had several family pets, mainly cats that they got from the Humane Society. She also talks about her fascination with amphibians and reptiles, and how she enjoyed catching frogs and turtles. Luker talks about her financial situation growing up. She talks about assistance programs she was on when living with her mother. She talks about how things changed when she moved in with her dad and step-mom. Luker talks about how her upbringing still affects her frugal views on money, she has calmed down, but it still is a worry that lingers. Luker talks about being raised Lutheran. She talks about regularly attending church, participating in church events, such as Sunday School and mission trips. Luker reflects on both the positive and negative impact from religion. She talks about emotional support and a sense of self-worth during challenging periods, such as her mother’s death. She also brings up her issues with the patriarchal and conservative aspects of the religion. Luker talks about the two neighborhoods she grew up in and shares memories from those neighborhoods. Luker goes on to talk about the shared values in these neighborhoods. She talks about values including respecting others, especially adults, and taking care of their belongings, volunteering and giving back to the community, and putting others' needs before her own. She goes on to share the games she played outside as a child and some dangerous stories from that time. She talks about driving around as a teenager and visiting The Reservoir. Luker goes on to share her experiences with schooling and Mr. Buckley, a teacher who stands out in her memory. Lastly, Luker talks about local and global issues. She brings up neighborhood safety concerns, discrimination, race-related issues, societal expectations, restrictions imposed on women, the impact of the Jacob Wetterling kidnapping, and The Cold War. She also reflects on concerns that are still impactful today, including gentrification, racial disparities, LGBT issues, and her overall concerns about the political climate.

Julie Luker



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