Robert Krueger

Robert Krueger


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Robert Krueger


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Generation X (1965-1980)


East Side

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Oral History

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East Side, Saint Paul, 1971


Oral History | Psychology


BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Robert Krueger is a white male born on July 29th, 1971. He lived with his mother, father, and brother. Krueger’s father was a pastor, and his mother was a seamstress. Krueger grew up Lutheran. Subjects Discussed: Krueger discussed what it was like growing up with a Lutheran pastor as his father and how his life revolved around the ministry. He spoke of his family living on a pastor's salary and adopting a frugal lifestyle. They resided in a parsonage, cultivated their own fruits and vegetables, and his mother sewed many of their clothes. Krueger further explains how this upbringing, coupled with his profession as a math professor, influences his present spending habits, emphasizing the importance of not exceeding one's means. Krueger goes on to discuss the integral role of religion in his life, including the people he knew, the activities he engaged in, and the schools and holidays he experienced. He expressed how religion remains a major part of his life. Krueger goes on to talk about how neighborhood demographics have changed over time. He talks about the sports and games he would play with friends. He expressed some disappointment that he wasn’t able to participate in more organized sports at a younger age, softball being the exception that he felt he got started at an early age and was good at. Krueger talks about the positive experience he had with school, lifelong friends he made, teachers that cared about their students’ academic success, and a math teacher that inspired him to go into teaching. Lastly, Krueger reflects on various local and global issues, such as the attempted assassination of Reagan, race relations, the drug war, and high interest rates.

Robert Krueger



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