Arnoldo Curiel

Arnoldo Curiel


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Arnoldo Curiel


Cole Steinberg


Thanh Huynh


Generation X (1965-1980)



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Oral History

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Frogtown, Saint Paul, 1972


Oral History | Psychology


BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Arnoldo Curiel is a Mexican male born on June 22nd, 1972. He lived with his parents and three siblings. Both of his parents worked. SUBJECTS DISCUSSED: Curiel talks about growing up in a tight-knit family. He talked about how his parents worked late nights and the kids had to fend for themselves. Curiel mentions how his family's financial circumstances influenced his spending habits as an adult, initially leading him to overspend on his own children to make up for his own upbringing, and how he has adjusted that over time. Curiel talks about some of the religious practices his family participated in during holidays. He talked about the deep faith some of his extended family holds. He also touches on his own beliefs today. Curiel goes on to talk about how you really knew your neighbors growing up in Frogtown and how neighbors would look out for each other. Curiel talks about friends he had growing up. Curiel talks about his time in school, some of the racial dynamics at play at school, and a teacher that left an impression on him. Curiel discusses some of the issues that occurred when he was growing up like the crack epidemic, drug war, racial divide, and poverty. Lastly Curiel reflects on how his family, racial ethnicity, and neighborhood shaped his identity.

Arnoldo Curiel



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