Roger Schubring

Roger Schubring


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Roger Schubring


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Charlene Botones


Baby Boom Generation (1946-1964)



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Oral History

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Frogtown, Saint Paul, 1949


Oral History | Psychology


BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Roger Orville Schubring is a Caucasian male born on July 1, 1949. He has an older brother and one younger sister. His father worked on the railroad, and his mother worked part time at Brown and Bigelow and later as a teacher’s aide. He grew up Episcopalian. SUBJECTS DISCUSSED: Schubring starts by sharing what his family looked like and how he was closest to his father. He mentions what family pets they had, as well as how household chores were divided amongst the family members. He briefly discusses some of his favorite dinner meals, as well as how his family's economic status influenced his childhood. He goes on to describe how this has affected him in his current adult life. Schubring talks about how, while it was important to learn about religion, he had trouble understanding everything when he was younger. He describes what the neighborhood looked like, touching on what his home looked like, as well as him and his family's relationship with the neighbors. He shares what some of his favorite pastimes were, such as sports, travelling with his family via train, walking around in the neighborhood with friends, and playing with toy soldiers and plastic cannons. Schubring lists the television shows he enjoyed watching, as well as some bands that he enjoyed. He transitions the topic by talking about his school life and his favorite teachers, as well as sharing a couple of memories about his time in school. He ends the interview by describing the local issues affecting the neighborhood, mostly talking about financial issues, the Vietnam War, and poverty.

Roger Schubring



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