Carol Lemke

Carol Lemke


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Carol Lemke


Cole Steinberg


Charlene Botones


Baby Boom Generation (1946-1964)


Multiple Saint Paul

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Oral History

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Carol Lemke


Oral History | Psychology


BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Carol Lemke is a Caucasian female born on December 27th, 1946. She is the oldest of three children. Her father mainly worked for American Post and Dairy, whilst her mother would occasionally work as a waitress at the Southview Country Club. They lived around several neighborhoods within the Saint Paul area, including West Saint Paul, Lilydale, and Mendota Heights. She grew up Lutheran. SUBJECTS DISCUSSED: Lemke discussed how her and her family moved around several times during her childhood. She briefly mentions how school was for her.One of her biggest recollections is the flood of 1952 in Lilydale. She regularly discusses her connection with her grandparents as well as placing great emphasis on how active she was outside. Some other activities include describing what activities and games she played outside, as well as some popular TV shows. Lemke mentions how religion affected her childhood - such as her values - as well as how religion influences her current life. Lastly, she ends the interview discussing the issues that existed in the community, such as the polio vaccine, as well as the Vietnam War.

Carol Lemke



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