Sandra Kelly

Sandra Kelly


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Sandra Kelly


Julie Luker


Charlene Botones


Baby Boom Generation (1946-1964)


South Saint Paul

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Oral History

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South Saint Paul, Saint Paul, 1947


Oral History | Psychology


BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Sandra Kelly is a Caucasian female born on July 12, 1947. She was one of the older siblings out of five. Her father was a mail carrier, and her mother was a stay-at-home mom, who would occasionally work at the packing plant when the family needed extra money. She grew up Methodist. SUBJECTS DISCUSSED: Kelly starts by describing the kind of work that her parents would do. She mentions how both of her parents had different upbringings from her, with her father being a hobo and both of her parents not finishing high school. She discusses how her and her dad would walk together for miles and would pass the packing plants: as a result of this, she once saw workers wading in blood and started refusing to eat meat, which continues to the present day. She describes her religious upbringings and how it didn't really shape her adult life. Kelly talks about the neighborhood she grew up in, describing what her house looked like, the families that lived next to them, as well as the safety of that neighborhood. She mentions some of the values that her parents taught them, touching on having a hard-working ethic and cleanliness. Afterwards, she gives an example of how her family would spend their free time together, and talks about her experience with school and how the lunch system worked. She ends the interview by describing the local and global issues that were happening during the time, mostly talking about race relations and her personal experiences with it, as well as the Vietnam War.

Sandra Kelly



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