Carol Bisek

Carol Bisek


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Carol Bisek


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Silent Generation (1928-1945)



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Oral History

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Macalester-Groveland, Saint Paul, 1945


Oral History | Psychology


BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Carol Bisek is a white female born on December 15, 1945. She is the oldest of six children. Her father owned a printing business, as well as moonlighted as a bingo number caller, whilst her mother was a stay-at-home parent. She grew up Lutheran. SUBJECTS DISCUSSED: Bisek starts by describing her family and siblings, as well as their family pet. She briefly discusses how household chores were distributed and mentions how she felt most engaged with her sister Christine. She talks about how she felt that they lived financially well, though because her mother came from an affluent family, and her father grew up on the farm, she was influenced by both of their spending habits and financial ways of thinking. She goes on to talk about how she was raised Lutheran, and how they were heavily involved in church. Bisek goes on to describe what her neighborhood looked like, and how the kids all got along together, but how Bisek and her siblings had difficulty bonding with them because they went to a school outside of that community. She briefly explains what her home looked like. Bisek mentions the value of honesty and respect. Afterwards, she touches on what leisure time looked like for her, which consisted of mostly church activities, and playing outside. She continues by listing what kinds of music and shows she ingested. She then describes her experience with schooling, and how her experience with going to St. Paul Central was quite rich; touching on how her music teacher got her involved with music, opera, and English Literature. She ends the interview by describing the local issues affecting the neighborhood, talking about how there wasn't any discrimination in the neighborhood, but how there was a lot of Jewish people living in the neighborhood, so dealing with their religious differences was foreign to them; as well as how it was a big deal when one of the neighbors' parents got divorced.

Carol Bisek



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