Kate Shelley

Kate Shelley


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Kate Shelley


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Highland Park

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Oral History

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Highland Park, Saint Paul, 1953


Oral History | Psychology


BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Kathleen (Kate) Mary Shelley is a Caucasian female born on November 21, 1953. She is the older of four children. Her father was a brewer and her mother was an RN. She grew up Catholic. SUBJECTS DISCUSSED: Shelley starts by describing her home life, mentioning which family member she felt closest to, as well as what pets they had, such as a seahorse, as well as how the household chores were divided. She briefly discusses her family's economic status, stating how she was able to have access to the necessities, but felt that they were in lower to middle class. She goes on to discuss her religious upbringing and recalls a couple of her memories. Shelley talks about what her neighborhood looked like: detailing what the interior and layout of her home was, as well as how almost everyone in the neighborhood got along with each other. She mentions the value of calling adults by their titles (Mr. and Mrs.). Afterwards, she touches on the activities that were done for leisure time, such as taking vacations, playing board and card games, and watching TV. She described how it was common to spend a lot of time down at the river, dancing, and partying. She briefly talked about the things her family would watch on the TV, as well as what music they would listen to. Shelley described what schooling looked like for her, mentioning that it was strict, but there were a lot of good experiences - as well as what lunchtime during the school day looked like for her. She ends the interview by describing the local issues affecting the neighborhood, mostly talking about when JFK was assassinated, the Civil Rights movement, the war in Vietnam, bomb practices in school, and growing up in the Cold War.

Kate Shelley



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