Warren Hegstrom

Warren Hegstrom


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Warren Hegstrom


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Baby Boom Generation (1946-1964)


West Saint Paul

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Oral History

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West Side Flats, West Side, West Saint Paul, 1949


Oral History | Psychology


BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Warren Joseph Hegstrom is a Caucasian male born on July 27, 1949. His father was a cook and a butcher, and his mother was a waitress and a cook. He grew up Catholic. SUBJECTS DISCUSSED: Hegstrom starts by describing some of his memories whilst growing up in the area; recounting stories about the different people that lived in the area, as well as the events that would happen in the neighborhood. He mentions how his relationship with his parents weren't great because they struggled with addiction. He briefly discusses the work that his parents did, as well as their religious upbringing. He goes on to describe the multiple accounts that they had to move, explaining a traumatic experience that broke the family. Hegstrom talks about how he got placed into a foster home, and explains how both of his parents went into AA, improved themselves, and bought a grocery store. He mentions the value of sharing food: more specifically, inviting people home for supper, as well as giving kindness towards people that don't look like him because he was raised and showed kindness by people who weren't white. Afterwards, he touches on the activities that were done for leisure time, as well as his schooling. He ends the interview by describing the local issues affecting the neighborhood, mostly talking about the effect Gypsies would have one the town, as well as mentioning how there wasn't any racism in school.

Warren Hegstrom



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