Jeannie O'Gorman

Jeannie O'Gorman


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Jeannie O'Gorman


Cole Steinberg


Cole Steinberg


Baby Boom Generation (1946-1964)


Multiple Saint Paul

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Oral History

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Frogtown, Highland Park, Saint Paul, 1946


Oral History | Psychology


BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Jeannie Kathleen O'Gorman is a Caucasian female born on October 27, 1946. She is the third oldest of four children. Her father worked various jobs, but primarily worked as a house painter and in other related fields; her mother worked as a federal employee typist. She grew up Catholic. SUBJECTS DISCUSSED: O'Gorman starts by describing some of her memories whilst growing up in the area, specifically mentioning the extended family and religious influences on her, as well as how she tried to have family pets but would repeatedly fail to keep a pet at home. She mentions how the household chores were divided by gender in her family, including how money was a constant anxiety for her family. She briefly discusses the Catholic branch that she was in, and the way it affected her when she was growing up. O'Gorman goes on to describe what her neighborhood looked like while she was growing up, recalling several memories from that time. She mentions several values that were shared by the community, such as how children are to be seen and not heard, how men are the head of the household, physical punishment is acceptable, etc. She touches on a memory connected to the value of how children's opinions are not important/are powerless. She talks about leisure time and provides a couple examples of activities that they would do, such as swimming and various church activities. O'Gorman describes her schooling and how it was repressive. She ends the interview by describing the local issues affecting the neighborhood, such as the commonality of physical abuse in the neighborhood and the Korean War.

Jeannie O'Gorman



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