Gretchen Walther

Gretchen Walther


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Gretchen Walther


Cole Steinberg


Thanh Huynh


Generation X (1965-1980)


Multiple Minneapolis

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Oral History

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Multiple Minneapolis, Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Minneapolis, 1967


Oral History | Psychology


BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Gretchen Walther is a white female born on June 18th, 1967. She lived with her father, mother, older sister, and younger brother in Brooklyn Center and later Brooklyn Park. Her father had a trade school degree and worked with two different jobs. Her mother was a teacher but stopped to be a stay-at-home mom. She grew up Lutherans, specifically the Lutheran Church of the Missouri Synod (LCMS). SUBJECTS DISCUSSED: Walther discusses her family life and memories. She talks about growing up with her parents, an older sister, and a younger brother. She shares memories about grandparents who lived both in the cities and in northern Minnesota. She mentions that her family enjoyed camping during weekends and had close ties with her church community. Walther describes how her family valued spending time together, and family relationships were significant to them. Walther describes how she grew up in a household where her father worked two jobs to make ends meet, and how they didn't have many extra things. She was aware of the economic differences between her family and some of her friends' families, especially when they moved to a new home and school district. She also talks about how this has affected her spending as an adult; she is mindful of her spending habits, looking for sales and opting for generic brands when possible. Walther discusses the significance of her faith to her life growing up. She mentions attending church regularly, even during camping trips. She also touches on how the church was a crucial social aspect of her life, and many close friendships were formed within the church's youth group. As an adult, Walther still considers religion important, and they raised their two daughters in the same faith and how the value and role of faith in guiding her lives remain important to her and her husband. Walther goes into the two neighborhoods she grew up in, Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park. She mentions how the community shared similar values and morals, with a strong connection to their church community. Walther touches on how leisure time was filled with outdoor activities, camping with family, listening to music, and playing with Barbies. In recalling her experiences with schooling Walther talks about teachers that made an impact on her and the struggles of transitioning to a larger school district. Lastly, for local and global issues, Walther touches on economic and racial disparities. She doesn’t recall many global issues or community health issues but recounts a family friend who had cancer.

Gretchen Walther



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