Paul Hardt

Paul Hardt


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Paul Hardt


Cole Steinberg


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Baby Boom Generation (1946-1964)


Multiple Minneapolis

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Oral History

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Multiple, Minneapolis, Edina, St. Louis Park, West Richfield, 1950


Oral History | Psychology


BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Paul Hardt is a Caucasian, cis male born on July 31, 1950. He is one of the children. His father worked at Barnum Stationary, and his mother was a stay-at-home mother, until she started working at Canteen later on. They grew up in a couple different areas, such as St. Louis Park, Edina, and Richfield. He grew up with an eclectic religious background. SUBJECTS DISCUSSED: Hardt begins by briefly touching on the work life of his parents. He goes on to talk about his father's military backgrounds, more specifically his relation to the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944. Throughout the interview, Hardt relates back to their living situation, experiences with where they lived, and how they were able to afford going on trips and paying for college. Later, he describes his eclectic religious background, touching on the different upbringings his parents had, as well as the influence of his father's dad, who was an active freemason. Hardt discusses the values that were instilled in his family and community, such as patriotism and shared values, like hard work, respect, courtesy, and family. He had an active physical life, participating in leisure activities like fishing, riding on bikes, and swimming. Lastly, Hardt ends the interview discussing the issues that existed in the community, such as the thought of nuclear war, people's trust in President Eisenhower, as well as racial issues like redline policies, and sexual liberation.

Paul Hardt



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