Adults who grew up in or near the Twin Cities metropolitan area were interviewed about their childhood life experiences. Oral histories are categorized by neighborhood. Participants are categorized according to the generation in which they were born, including: Silent Generation (1928-1945; Baby Boom Generation (1946-1964), Generation X (1965-1980), Millennial Generation (Gen Y) (1981-1996), and Generation (iGen) (1997-2010). Interview topics include family life, economic status, religion, neighborhood experiences, leisure activities, values, schooling, as well as local and global issues. This project was led by Dr. Julie Luker, Assistant Professor of Psychology. Significant contributions were made by the following student research interns and student research volunteers: Charlene Botones, Thanh Huynh, Alicia Joswiak, Charlie Schultz, Cole Steinberg, and Coral Van Muyden.


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