The Sword


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Anna Fritze



  • Jeff Bezos Steps Down at Amazon
  • Wall Street Outsmarted: Reddit's Reign of Terror
  • Concordia College in New York Closes
  • Concordia University Nebraska Announces New President
  • Forgotten Wallet Found in Antarctica After 53 Years
  • Food Shelves in Demand
  • Project ReConnect Rondo
  • Need for Speed: Saint Paul Police Crackdown
  • Hey Google, Look Both Ways: A New App Can Assist Blind and Visually Impaired Pedestrians at Intersections
  • Dyatlov Pass Incident: Murder or Nature?


  • College Graduates are Suffering, but the Government can Help: Why Free Tuition and Student Loan Forgiveness Needs to Exist in America
  • Spring Break and Covid
  • Do We Need Daylight Savings?
  • The Consequences of Gatekeeping Sovereignty: How Somaliland has Suffered from a Lack of International Recognition
  • Super Bowl Sunday: The Only Time Commercials are the Best Part
  • Celebrity Culture in the Pandemic
  • How America Has Changed Since Biden Was Sworn In


  • Esports Update
  • CSP Track Athletes Wrap Up Indoor Season
  • What Happened in the 2021 Super Bowl?

Arts and Variety

  • Golden Globes Nominations
  • Music Review: Paul McCartney - McCartney III
  • Concordia Sisterhood of Empowerment
  • Barb and Star go to Vista del Mar
  • Book Review: Shadow & Bone
  • Recipe Review: Beef and Shells Mac and Cheese
  • The Sugar Factory: A Food Review
  • MET Mobile Art Gallery
  • Senior Spotlight: Geoffrey Bruick

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