The Sword


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Editor in Chief

Brooke Steigauf



Front Matter

  • Letter From the Editor


  • AI Writers and the Future of Journalism
  • Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Michele Pickel - Stable-izing Literacy Skills with the Help of Horses
  • Club Spotlight: Solus Christus
  • Overcoming the Winter Blues
  • The Effects of Allianz Field on St. Paul's Midway
  • Emotional Support Animals Fight for their Rights
  • Minnesota: Sex Trafficking Hub


  • American Bridges are Falling Down: Why Over 50,000 American Bridges are Falling Apart
  • From the Classroom to the Grocery Store
  • A Need for Required World Religions and Cultures Courses
  • Mindfulness in the Workplace
  • I'm This and You're That Identity: Why You Should Be Proud of Yours and Respectful of Others'
  • The Anti of the Anti-Vaxx Movement
  • Jeff Sessions and Living the Nixon-Era Relic: Revamping the War on Drugs


  • A Family Affair
  • Men's Basketball Team Shows Flashes at the End of the Season
  • A Team Led by Faith
  • Women's Basketball Update
  • CSP Track and Field: Broken Records and High Hopes Leading into Conference Championships
  • Male Athlete of the Month: Bryndan Matthews
  • CSP Takes on the Super Bowl
  • Female Athlete of the Month: Kalle Burney
  • 2018 Winter Olympics Preview
  • Golden Bears Baseball to Start Season at U.S. Bank Stadium and Tucson Invite
  • Media Row: The Sword Takes on the Super Bowl

Arts and Variety

  • Dance Spotlight: Jennifer Thao
  • Food Review: Hai-Hai, A Tropical Vietnamese Food Getaway
  • Mary Shelley's Frankenstein: A 200th Anniversary Review
  • Art in the Cities: "From Frame to Film"
  • Music Review: Justin Timberlake's Man of the Woods
  • Movie Review: The Post
  • The Subjectivity of Art as Exposed by the Work of John Martin Bell
  • John Martin Bell's Take on His Artwork and Creative Process
  • 10th Annual Invitational Choral Concert Recap
  • Top 3 Coffee Shops for Studying: Where Coffee and Studying Always Go Hand in Hand
  • Artist Spotlight: Cornel Beard - On the Value of Collective Knowledge
  • Writer Spotlight: Josiah Osiemi

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