The Sword


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Editor in Chief

Brooke Steigauf



Front Matter

  • Letter From the Editor


  • New CSP Computer Science Program Seeing Major Growth
  • The Las Vegas Tragedy: Deadliest Mass Shooting in Modern U.S. History
  • CSP Believes in Believing: Newest Effort to End Sexual Assault and Violence on Campus
  • NFL Players Taking a Stand by Kneeling
  • New Club on the Block: The League of Legends Club
  • "Life is Grey": Prenatal Genetic Testing Around the World
  • CSP's Memorandum of Understanding with Huiahua University
  • The Right to Drive: Royal Decree Gives Suadi Arabian Women Freedom to Take the Wheel
  • Staff Spotlight: Colleen Arendt


  • CSP Cross Country Pushes the Pace in Anticipation of the NSIC Championships
  • A Game off the Court: Scandal in College Basketball
  • Positivity and Potential: Young CSP Soccer Team Sets the Bar High
  • Minnesota Wild Preview
  • Minnesota Timberwolves 2017-2018 Season Preview: Rebrand Marks a New Chapter with Optimism
  • Soccer Team has Record-Setting Start to Season
  • The State of CSP Women's Volleyball
  • Male Athlete of the Month: Bejamin Allen
  • October Female Athlete of the Month: Kara Lindberg
  • Gold Standard


  • Is the Antifa Justified in Their Actions?
  • Political Correctness, Marxism, and Nazi Germany: A Call for Education
  • Should We Care About Substance Abuse in Sports?
  • Colin Kaepernick and Social Justice: Taking a Knee for What's Right
  • Are Government Handouts Really Being Abused by the Poor?
  • Anxiety in Youth
  • Psych Them Out: Psychology in Sport is the Next Trend of Sport Training and Sport Medicine
  • Every Empire Has an End: The Reverse Evolution of the Human Race
  • How Sodexo Serves You: A Closer Look at CSP's Food Service

Arts and Variety

  • Book Review: I am the Messenger
  • Artist Spotlight: Celene Paez
  • "Not Far Away": John Berkey's Sci-Fi Paintings
  • Movie Review: The Battle of the Sexes
  • Music Review: ODESZA is Back - A Review of A Moment Apartment
  • Faculty Artist Recital Series September 29th
  • Music Spotlight: Alexandra Cleary
  • Theatre Spotlight: Alicia Benning - A Peek Inside the Costume Shop
  • Food Review: The Naughty Greek

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