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Kinesiology and Health Sciences

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Lana Huberty


Schools in every city and state in America have their prized team and will make sacrifices in the classroom to have their students score on the field" (McMillen, 1991, p, 489). The purpose of this paper is to examine the grades of student athletes and find a way to maintain or make them better by use of study tables and progress reports. As a student athlete, athletes do not realize that they are students first and athletes second, not the other way around. Particularly the girls' basketball team at Como Park High School. As a student athlete, it takes a lot to be able to juggle going to practice, games, and doing homework. Some students lose sight of this. There has to be more there than just playing a sport. This project looks at helping students understand the importance of getting good grades and an education and holding the students accountable. Making them aware that if they want to go to college, good grades start when you are a freshman.