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Master of Arts


Kinesiology and Health Sciences

First Advisor

Kenneth Farrell

Second Advisor

Lana Huberty


The capstone project analyzed and presented insight into the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament, including a view of the financing, marketing, event management, while also giving a view of a major ethical dilemma that the NCAA faces. The tournament has evolved in the over 75 years it has been played to become a leading event for the NCAA and a major factor in the infrastructure of the organization as a whole. The nature of the event, namely the size and the rotating venues, created a major need for a strong risk management plan to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Despite the student athletes not being paid to play basketball, the NCAA Tournament is a big business venture that has also required a marketing plan to capitalize on the popularity of the event to solidfy the financial standing of the NCAA. Along with the financial standing of the NCAA< the NCAA Tournament can also affect the financial standing of the coaches involved. Success in the tournament can force schools to find creative ways to retain their services through compensation. The success of the tournament has also led to a boom in betting on the event, which has created an interesting ethical situation for the NCAA on how to handle it. The NCAA Tournament featured nearly all of the major elements of sports management as it is an iconic event for the largest intercollegiate sports association of the world.