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Non Thesis

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Master of Arts



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Lana Huberty


The purpose of this study was designed to use the definition of self-efficacy by Bandura (2002) as well as previous research on the topic of self-efficacy to investigate self-reported performance evaluations of professional athletes. The initial literature review included studies that investigated athletes participating in a wide range of sports at different age and experience levels. The parameters and methods of each study differed, but all took a qualitative or mixed methods approach. Based on these previous studies, this study suggested a qualitative approach using a questionnaire based on the Strength Self-Efficacy Scale developed by Tsai et al. (2013). The proposed study would focus on the participants being professional athletes or athletes from the highest competitive level of their sports, preferably from professional sports league in North American with at least 50 to 75 participants from each league. The leagues will represent professional baseball, basketball, football, and hockey.