Factors positively impacting high school student-athlete experiences



Document Type

Non Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Arts



First Advisor

Dr. Lana L. Huberty


This paper aimed to identify and highlight various factors that student-athletes experience while in high school, which could contribute to positive or negative experiences. The project highlighted how participation in sports for urban area youth can be viewed differently compared to the participants compared to those in suburban locations. Additionally, an unusual approach was shared in the methodology that would allow the student-athlete to speak about the different factors that got them interested in playing sports, the various influences that kept them interested, and how some experiences were different compared to others. This investigation will look into the disadvantages for high school student-athletes while participating in athletics, regardless of the neighborhoods they were brought up in. It may turn out that youth in low-income settings have more of a difficult time accessing opportunities related to athletic activities. Sport organizers can use the findings to explore different methods for how to get youth actively involved in athletic activities.

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