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Degree Name

Master of Arts


Kinesiology and Health Sciences

First Advisor

Lana Huberty


This thesis paper examined one of the National Hockey League's (NHL) premier events, the Winter Classic, in preparation of their 2017 game. In an effort to set guidelines and objectives in pursuit of growing the NHL brand, this comprehensive report reviewed the detailed positioning of this product extension through the marketing of nostalgic memories of early hockey traditions. Taking place in Minneapolis, MN, the Winter Classic is a regular season hockey game played in an open-air stadium on New Year's Day. The uniqueness of this event is developed herein through an examination of the marketing mix to help define its strategic marketing plan. This event proposal further outlined effective management skills and techniques necessary for this event to be successful. This included a prioritized duty of a thorough and itemized risk management plan, and an ethical analysis of the image this event is portraying to the greater sports community. Finally, implementation and evaluation of the core event was defined for simplified execution and reproduction.