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Master of Arts


Kinesiology and Health Sciences

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Lana Huberty


An organizational event has the objective of emphasizing company directives and consumer needs. A clear vision of company objectives gives relevance to the event while consumer needs defines the purpose. This paper examined the detailed components needed by the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) to host the annual free Healthy Kids Day (HKD) event. Healthy Kids Day is a promotional tool for YMCA wellness programs. The one-day event's purpose is to create awareness for community members regarding the predisposed health risks and then offer viable and affordable solutions. Community participation can be hindered by costs associated with the event. Eliminating the cost barrier entailed cultivating partnerships, recruiting and retaining volunteers, and soliciting for sponsors. To keep funds allocated for activities and food, cost-free media outlets were utilized. Several marketing strategies were put to use that catered specifically to the varying age groups, and that placed emphasis on the event being cost-free for participants. In an attempt to minimize liability during the event, a risk management assessment and plan were developed in addition to an ethical analysis. Each of the assessments served the purpose of overstating possibilities as a way of minimizing negligent opportunities. Lastly, feedback from participants, vendors, volunteers, and employees from prior events were included to help with future planning.