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Master of Arts


Kinesiology and Health Sciences

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Ian Shannon


Sports medicine is a vast area of medicine, and expecting a coach to understand all of the medical knowledge is improbable. A coaching clinic that entails basic knowledge of first aid and injury prevention for coaches is critical in today's age where young athletes are put at risk of injury. By utilizing the knowledge and skills of the area clinic, Affiliated Communities Medical Centers, the coaching clinic aims to educate coaches with the latest techniques in injury treatment and prevention. Using local venues to educate the coaches allows for easy access, and small size to ensure quality learning. The coaching clinic will use clinic resources and area high schools to promote the importance of attending the clinic to improve any athletic program. By providing quality information, that is easily accessed and affordable, coaches are able to gain skills and knowledge that will improve their respective athletic programs. The capstone project detailed components of the coaching clinic including hosting organization, site, budget, marketing plan, risk management plan, ethical analysis, and personal reflection.