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Kinesiology and Health Sciences

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Lana Huberty


This emphasis of this capstone is the NCAA Men's Division I Frozen Four ice hockey championship tournament. For the sake of this paper, aside from the risk management plan in chapter five, the paper's concentration is the 2015 Frozen Four in Boston, Massachusetts. This paper focuses on all areas of executing a National Collegiate Athletic Association Championship event. The areas are organized into chapters relating to overall sport management. Chapter One focuses on the NCAA as an organization and the event history. Chapter Two discusses the Frozen Four as an event and discusses the financial figures related to hosting the event. From there a thorough marketing plan covering the 10 P's of marketing is covered in the next chapter. All areas of building event and sport awareness are covered and plans of execution are included. For event execution to run smoothly, proper employee training and planning must be covered. Effective leaders and managers must obtain both task-oriented and relationship-oriented skills. Those approaches to leadership and management are covered in Chapter Four. The NCAA does an outstanding job at hosting the Division I Men's Ice Hockey Championship year in and year out. However, an ethical issues arose while researching the topic regarding the National Collegiate Women's Ice Hockey. The event is meant to be the equivalent to the Men's Championship but lacks in effort which is discussed in Chapter Six. The final piece to this paper related to the time spent pursuing a degree in sport management, future career plans, and personal growth.