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Kinesiology and Health Sciences

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Ian Shannon


The Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) is in charge of all high school athletics in the state of Minnesota. The MSHSL is in charge of putting on tournaments and championship games for all high school sports. This paper focuses on the 2015 high school football championship game for section 6A. Within this paper are seven chapters about the MSHSL and the 6A championship game called the Prep Bowl. The seven chapters are history of the MSHSL, introduction to the 2015 Prep Bowl game, a marketing plan around the 6A Prep Bowl game, proper ways to retain high end coaches, a completed risk management assessment around the 6A Prep Bowl, an ethical analysis on high schools requiring athletes to pay to play, and a personal statement. Each chapter goes into detail about the topic. The marketing plan goes into the 10 P's of sport marketing and breaks down each piece to further show how the marketing plan will be successful.