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The objective of the experiment was to see how oxybenzone and lactic acid would affect the proliferation of the REK cells. The reasons for the following reagents was that humans can find either or on the body at some time of their day/life. So, as a group we wanted to know how Lactic acid and Oxybenzone would affect the proliferation of the REK cells. The method that was used was very similar to the methods that were explained in the lab notebook which consisted of splitting the cells, adding the cells to the wells, adding the concentration of each reagent, finally getting results through a cytotoxicity test. Once the data was compiled from the cytotoxicity test as a group we could see if there was a correlation through the data that was collected, and this procedure was done 3 different times in different trials which we kept increasing the stock solution of the reagents. Once that was done we could see that there was a correlation, and we could see that the REK cells did indeed have cell proliferation in each of the trials. So, in conclusion oxybenzone and lactic acid does indeed have an effect on the REK cells which leads to a high proliferation of the cells.


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