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Art and Design

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John Dufresne


The objective of this project was to design a new logo, identity, and stationery system for a Saint Paul non-chain breakfast cafe. Familiarity and in-depth research of both the cafe and its customer base was essential to determine and define the project demographics. There was also an emphasis on working conceptually and utilizing an aesthetic that is appropriate for the intended audience, while also keeping in mind and being stylistically sensitive to the graphic design community that will eventually judge the success of the project as a whole.

Over the course of this project, I became very familiar with the Capital View Cafe and its customer base through in-depth research into their current branding choices, social media presence, and customer interactions. I believe that familiarity was crucial in making a branding system that aligned with the establishment: showcasing values such as being friendly and welcoming, as well as highlighting its location near the Saint Paul Capitol building. My investigations into current successful branding systems helped to highlight important considerations that had to be made in the final designs, such as size and distance ratios, common arrangements, and necessary information. That specific research also helped to inspire me with different logo styles, typography choices, and branding system applications that I could learn from and use within my project. Overall, I believe my final system design helps to create a new and improved brand to a beloved Saint Paul restaurant, without losing its core values and identity.


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