ἐξ... δι᾿... εἰς... (Romans 11:36): The Life of the Mind and the Multiversity.


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An accomplished and highly respected member of the faculty since 1994, Dr. Mark Schuler’s passion for Biblical Greek, the New Testament, and archaeology, have inspired a generation of students. Dr. Schuler is the co-founder of the university’s Honors Program, in litteris fidique, and between 2001 and 2016 led annual trips to the Hippos Excavations, allowing students, faculty, staff, and community members to work alongside partners from the University of Haifa to uncover the ancient city of Hippos. He also pioneered classroom and other educational uses of information technologies.

Among his publications is Called by the Gospel: An Introduction to the New Testament, with Michael Middendorf. Dr. Schuler is a member of the American Schools of Oriental Research, the American Institute of Archaeology, and the Society of Biblical Literature. His transition to collegiate education came after eight years of experience as a pastor at Lutheran congregations in Iowa and Missouri.

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