Theories and Miracles: The Intersection of Sociology and Christian Faith


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Dr. Kay Madson is a "small-town girl" from Central Minnesota whose personal and professional curiosity about people and the systems in which they live and work has carried her to fascinating destinations throughout the world - from India to Mexico to China. Her interests as a sociologist have focused on underrepresented or marginalized individuals in society in such areas as social welfare, ethnic minorities, and the criminal justice system. Madson explored these interests first as a public welfare case worker, then as an adjunct instructor at local universities. She began her own "field investigation" of family sociology as an at-home mom during her three children's elementary school years, later returning to teaching at Concordia University, as an adjunct (1983) and then as tenure track faculty (1989). She was chair of the Social Sciences department (1990-93) and served as executive vice president (1993-2001). She has developed and taught a variety of classes in her discipline, particularly those that address issues of class, ethnicity, and legal rights. At the time of the presentation, her research project with CSP students was studying the religious beliefs and practices of adult children of Hmong immigrants and the extent to which these are affected by their dual culture.

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