The Poehler Lecture Series is an annual event designed to explore how Concordia University faculty have connected their Christian faith with their academic discipline. Speakers are selected based on excellence in their academic disciplines and the maturity of their Christian faith.


Submissions from 2023

Communication in the "Called" Community, Dr. Marilyn Reineck

Submissions from 2022

From GENESis to REveLATION, Dr. Mong-Lin (Mary Ann) Yang

Submissions from 2021

Teaching Real, Keith Williams

Submissions from 2019

ἐξ... δι᾿... εἰς... (Romans 11:36): The Life of the Mind and the Multiversity., Rev. Dr. Mark Schuler

Submissions from 2018

Labels and the Death of Free Speech: What does this Mean?, Thomas R. Hanson esq.

Submissions from 2017

So, how are the children?, Dr. Barb Schoenbeck

Submissions from 2016

“We Are All God’s Poiema: Can You See His Masterpiece In Me?”, Dr. Cheryl Chatman

Submissions from 2015

“Destroying” Education to Save It, Dr. Paul Hillmer

Submissions from 2014

“When in Our Music God is Glorified”: Trinitarian Reflections in Music, Faith, and Learning, Dr. David Mennicke

Submissions from 2013

The Persistence of Vision: Reflections on Faith and Learning, Dr. Jeffrey Burkart

Submissions from 2012

“Head to Head! Heart to Heart!” An Educator’s Reflections on Faith and Learning, Dr. Dale Trapp and Rev. Dr. Thomas Trapp

Submissions from 2011

Faith, Learning and Jesus? Prayer: Luke 11:2-4 An Educator’s Reflections on Faith and Learning, Rev. Dr. Robert Holst

Submissions from 2010

Change: Integrating Faith and Learning, Dr. Loma Meyer

Submissions from 2009

Teaching the Children Well: One Educator’s Perspective on Integrating Faith and Learning, Dr. Carl J. Schoenbeck

Submissions from 2008

The Process of Christian Education: Reflections on a Journey of Faith, Dr. Herman K. Wentzel

Submissions from 2007

What Comes After Easter?, Rev. Dr. Stephen C. Stohlmann

Submissions from 2006

Incarnation, Intersections and Integration: A theologian Re-Encounters the Liberal Arts, Rev. Dr. David Lumpp

Submissions from 2005

Theories and Miracles: The Intersection of Sociology and Christian Faith, Dr. Kay Madson

Submissions from 2004

The (General) Education of Henri(etta) Adams: Living With “the Word”, Dr. Eleanor Elson Heginbotham

Submissions from 2003

The Parables of Peter: Meditations on Faith, Miracles and Social Change, Dr. Bruce Corrie

Submissions from 2002


Everything Matters, Dr. Kathryn Schenk