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Concordia Journal of Communication Research

ISSN 2470-9786

Welcome to the Concordia Journal of Communication Research. We are excited to launch this online journal which primarily showcases outstanding undergraduate student scholarship in the field of communication studies.

Concordia Law Review (Concordia University School of Law)

The Concordia University School of Law closed permanently at the end of the 2019-2020 summer term. This journal will publish no future volumes and this collection serves as an archive of previously published issues.

The Concordia Law Review is a student-operated journal dedicated to publishing issues of high-quality, general legal scholarship. The Concordia Law Review invites the submission of unsolicited manuscripts regarding current legal issues of both local, national, and international import from professors, judges, and practitioners, as well as from students attending the Concordia University School of Law. The Concordia Law Review published its inaugural issue in the spring of 2016. This issue contains articles by distinguished contributors, including Vice President and Founding Dean Cathy R. Silak, the first woman appointed to an appellate court in Idaho’s history.

Research and Scholarship Symposium Posters (Research and Scholarship Symposium)

The 2021 annual Research and Scholarship Symposium features a very diverse selection of topics and projects.

A number of faculty members judged the projects, evaluating each entry using criteria ranging from development of the research question, research plan, effective use of information sources, and professionalism of the presentation.