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Gerber, Elaine

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Oral History

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Elaine was born 13 March 1925 in St. Paul, and grew up on Western Avenue. She attended local schools, and graduated from St. Paul Washington High School in 1943. After graduating, Elaine worked for First National Bank in the mailroom, and later in bookkeeping. In 1946, Elaine married Warren Gerber of St. Paul. Warren was a US Army veteran who had fought in Europe and been wounded. Elaine and Warren had dated prior to his leaving for the military. In this interview, Elaine talks about getting news that Warren had been badly wounded, and how she dealt with that. She also talks here about civilian life in wartime St. Paul: shortages, rationing, transportation, and war bonds. After the war, Elaine and Warren made their home in St. Paul, for many years in a home on Iowa Avenue, and raised two children.


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