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Wohlferd, Glenn

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Oral History

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Glenn Wohlferd was born 12 February 1921 in Pepin, Wisconsin. He attended grade school and some high school. In February 1941, Glenn volunteered for the US Army, and selected duty in Asia. Glenn served with the 60th Coast Artillery in the Philippines; when the Pacific War broke out in December of 1941, he was stationed on the island of Corregidor, in Manila Bay. Japanese forces captured Corregidor in May 1942, and Glenn was one of thousands of US troops who were now prisoners. He would spend the next forty-five months as a POW of the Japanese. He was held at 92nd Garage on Corregidor (May 1942); Camp 3 at Cabanatuan, Phillippines (June - October 1942); Tottori Maru hell ship transport from Manila to Pusan, Korea (October - November 1942); and finally, Mukden, Manchuria (November 1942 - August 1945). Mukden was liberated by advancing military forces of the Soviet Union in early May 1945. Glenn then spent some months recuperating at military medical facilities, and was finally discharged in June 1946. Soon thereafter he re-enlisted, this time in the US Air Force, where he remained for twenty years until retiring with full benefits. Glenn was married in 1948 (wife Betty), and had two children. He was interviewed by telephone to his home in St. Charles, Minnesota.


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